Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Brick by Brick

There was one year when 6 of our family members were attending Boise State University. (I think we should have got a discount!) One day Brian showed up at the house wearing a BSU t-shirt and on it it read "Brick by Brick." What I asked, did it mean. He told me that one of the slogans at BSU was "Building a legacy brick by brick." I wondered what kind of legacy have I built for my children and now grandchildren.

The dictionary gives this simple definition of the word legacy; something passed on to those who come later in time; heritage.

It has been interesting listening to the kids reminisce about their growing up years, who did what, what I did or didn't do, the places we went, the things we saw, what they loved, and what they feel sad about. Now that 5 of the 6 children are married with babies of their own (or soon to be)I get to observe how well I did. It pleases me to see them teach as I taught, love as I loved, and doing a much better job at being patient, kind, and less apt to judge. I am happy that each of them has changed what needed to be changed and incorporated what was good.

So yes, I have been building a legacy brick by brick. It is in everything I do, everything I teach, and in the relationships I build. Legacy is not only about family for it extends to those I associate with in the community and at church. It has a rippling affect.

What kind of legacy are you building? We are building a legacy brick by brick.

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