Sunday, August 12, 2012

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September means back to school, new beginnings, a new start. I know, I know. We have year round school and the traditional track starts in August. I loved preparing my children for school. As the ads for back to school have started it's made me a little nostalgic. It's all the lists, going through wardrobes to see what needs to be replaced, year books and student body cards, pencils and the choice between black or blue pens. Just all of it. The best part of preparations is the possibilities. So much to learn and know.
Every year I wanted to go back to school too. One day while reading about Marjorie Pay Hinckley's life something she said caught my attention. "Each day brings its own challenges, but life would be a total waste without knowing what it is about and where we can get help." She reminded me I don't have to enter a classroom to gain knowledge. As I pondered all I've learned through life so far I had to give credit to our local library. I have studied nutrition, home repairs, furniture refinishing, cancer, holistic alternatives to traditional medicines, Alzheimer's, music, painting, the Presidents of the United States, military medals, sewing, gardening, proper care of cats and dogs, cooking, other countries, autobiographies, and of course a novel or two...the list goes on and on. The library has been my classroom.
And don't forget the scriptures. They are awesome! Here is a resource that is a great help to all of us. We create our own study environment. That environment could be one of "gotta do it"  to "I get to do it". We can learn during both scenarios but chances are the spirit is stronger with an attitude of "get to do it". It is amazing how a scripture we have read a million times expands to greater and grander meaning when we apply ourselves.
There are all sorts of classrooms. Whatever it is in life we want to improve in or know is available. The possibilities are endless. I'm asking myself what I want to learn next. I know. Bookbinding!

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