Sunday, September 7, 2014


Last night Tim and Brian gave Dennis a Blessing. Dennis hurt his back a couple weeks ago and yesterday was particularly bad. He was in a lot of pain. Today I have been thinking about that Blessing and the words spoken, the meaning behind them, and how God communicates with individuals differently. Some people need "flowers" and some people need to be "knocked over the head". This particular blessing was a combination of the two. I was glad I could listen because as you know Dennis does not hear everything. Today we were able to talk about what each of us heard and in my case, fill in some blanks as well as discuss impressions that were defined by the Spirit.

The experience has made me reflect on other Blessings that have been given to me personally, what they meant at the time, and how they have influenced my life since. Blessings are like that. They last. The answers, the comfort, the peace and the knowing that comes from them, and the opportunities that open because of them, are real. In remembering, those feelings come back and once again I feel God's love for me, just as He intended.

I think all of you have experienced the same at one time or another. Blessings given to us individually are tailored to what we need to hear or even what we need to do. Because of them we are able to move forward. We are so fortunate that through priesthood power we can know of Gods love for us, that He knows what we need and wants to help us reach beyond ourselves and trust Him.
Today I ask you all to remember Blessings you have received. Reflect on what you learned then and how your life has been blessed since. Take the opportunity to include your children. I promise as you do those sweet feelings you felt long ago will come to you again.

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