Sunday, January 8, 2012

The New Year

Shame on us. We skipped Decembers blog and dad had a great idea too! We'll save it for next year. (Hope he remembers) Anyway, I wanted to recommend some reading material and I hope you make time to check it out.
1. Elder D. Todd Christofferson's article entitled Recognizing God's Hand in our Daily Lives in the January Ensign. I loved his insite into the Lord's Prayer and how it is applicable in every area of our lives. It would be easy to simplify some of the concepts for FHE.
2. Elder Henry B. Eyring's article Do Not Delay published in 1999. His talk although about repentance and forgiveness, can help us in other ways too.
I know what may touch me may not mean anything to others. Either way both talks are great.
Movies worth seeing: Amazing Grace, 17 Miracles
And last we loved, loved, loved seeing all of you over the Holidays and we are already planning trips to visit soon.

One Liners

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