Sunday, August 10, 2014

Yowza! It's been tooooo long.

This is terrible. My last post was December 2013 and not that I have anything earth shattering or super important to say but... for shame. Surely there was something good to impart or think about. As you know life has really changed for me. I'm a 9-5 girl with an occasional odd schedule thrown in. As much as I love my new life and the opportunities it affords there are some things I really miss. Talking to my kids on the phone during the day just because. Seeing the grandkids more often. Playing with my family. Going on vacation whenever we want. Helping. Serving. Being available. It takes a lot of planning and coordinating now and sadly having to say no when I want to say yes. Some things I haven't got used to are doing house work when I come home from work or squeezing in a grocery shopping run. I have great empathy for working mothers and understand the exhaustion that our husbands feel after a long day beating back the hordes and fighting to make enough to support their families. I finally get it. You don't want to work after work. You are tired. You are hungry. You want relief and someone else to feed you. That's why I really love El Tenampa. Good quick food and I didn't have to think about what to fix or if I have groceries in the house to fix what I want anyway. And then throwing in a medical can get complicated.

I guess what I am saying is how much I love and appreciate you all. You work hard. You love your families. I see what you do and think what a wonderful job you are doing. There are always hick-ups but by and large you are doing some really great parenting. Seeing you play together and caring for each other, giving relief and sharing the load. And throwing in some medical issues too, well, you are doing the best you know how and when you realize that may not be enough then you figure something else out. GOOD JOB GUYS! Life is not always easy but you are doing well and your dad and I are so very proud of the people you are. We love seeing you live the gospel in word and deed.
We are so grateful to have a family that includes you. We love you all.

So until next time and hoping it won't take another 8 months for another message from home...

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