Sunday, January 20, 2013

Yep!  The new year arrived. Got to face it, embrace it, got to go on. In our drive to go on we get caught  in the tradition of the season. You know those pesky resolutions we all make with good intention but never accomplish. I may think about what I want to improve in or on. But past experience reminds me that making lists is futile. I'm still just as round. I'm not any smarter. I definitely have not increased my wardrobe by any significant amount (this was a big one for me!) Eating better only lasts for a day or two and January is a terrible time of year to begin that 2 hour a day exercise program! So I'm passing on a secret. The best and lasting change comes about through the influence of the Holy Ghost who facilitates communication from our Father in Heaven and His son, Jesus Christ. Those times do not necessarily come on January 1. Sometimes they come on its heels though.
 A couple years ago I had memorized The Living Christ as part of a Stake Young Women's Camp challenge. As the Sacrament was being passed last week I realized I had forgotten parts of it so I pulled out my flip cards of The Living Christ from my bag and began to read. Through the influence of the Holy Ghost I realized that becoming familiar with The Living Christ again  would help me to know our Savior better. By learning about Him I could then incorporate and acquire some of his characteristics more fully in my life. And best of all it needed to be a year long pursuit. I can tell you this was not a thought that my wandering mind came up with on its own. But they were thoughts that compel obedience.
In my zeal to be obedient I thought I would challenge each of you to memorize The Living Christ as a family and make your FHE focus to be on learning about the Savior. But guess what? I can't. Nope. It is not up to me to be the facilitator of change, the lasting kind, in each of your families. That comes through the influence of the Holy Ghost from our Father in Heaven who knows better what you need, when you need it and how you need it.
It is my desire when an opportunity presents itself through that Sacred and Holy influence for best and lasting change you will embrace it-whatever it is.

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