Monday, April 2, 2012

Be like a Duck

A couple years ago I attended a Standards Night for the youth where the guest speakers were President and Sister Dopp. I will never forget her analogy of a duck and how we can use one of its characteristics to bless our lives. When you see a duck with its head under water and its bum sticking straight up , well, soon that head pops up and the duck immediatly rights itself. Any water slides off. Sister Dopp reminded us that a ducks feathers are never really wet, that they have an essential oil that coats their feathers which keeps them dry and buoyant. The water never penetrates.  She said that past events can make us bitter or consume us or create trials for us and we should be like a duck...let those disappointments, the anger and hurt, the pain, slide off our backs just like the water slides off the back of a duck. Growing a thick skin doesn't neccessarily  do the trick. We have to build a foundation of 'essential oils' so we can let things slide off our back. Those "essential oils' may be different for everyone but when we start with the basics that is the simplest. And they are the easy answers. (Why do we make things so complicated?) You know what they are!  So- BE LIKE A DUCK!

One Liners

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